tapfeedback offers a customisable customer feedback survey over a digital platform that is convenient both for you and your customers. It is carefully designed for quick analysis and informational awareness by translating your customer feedback data, from complaints to compliments, into a valuable insight. The digestible, real-time results are visualised on a dashboard to help you make timely customer-centric decisions and optimise the overall customer experience.

Cafe & Restaurant

Is it the food? Is it the drinks? tapfeedback identify and tells you what aspect of your product or service that might resulted in your customer not returning to you so you can pick your focus to improve


Is your key customer satisfied? What aspect of your product/service that they are dissatisfied with? Discovering these insights will ensure their loyalty and at the same time bring more efficiency to your process

Other Services

From fitness clubs & gyms, beauty salon, or automotive, tapfeedback can assist you to identify the satisfaction level, satisfaction driver, and provide the best insights to help you make improvements

How it works

Step 1 - Create your survey

  • Utilize our simple yet effective 3-level customer feedback question approach and create additional questiones based on your preference.
  • Contact us further if you would like to have a discussion on creating your survey questionnaire!

Step 2 - Collect feedback from your customers

  • Send the survey to your mobile device in your particular outlet and start collecting feedbacks from your customers by handing the device and ask them to fill the survey.
  • Alternatively, you can also send the survey to your customers by email so they can fill it in their most convenient time they want.

Step 3 - See and manage results in real time

  • Login to your dashboard to view the results instantly.
  • Compare results between branch, locations, customers, or periods for broader insights and better understanding.
  • Identify areas for improvements to increase overall customer satisfaction.

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