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Create Survey

Customer Feedback Survey

A quick 1-minute survey consists of 5 questions, with 3 mandatory satisfaction questions and 2 customized questions.

Customized Survey

Create your own feedback forms and surveys based on your needs with our user-friendly questionnaire builder.

Logo & Color

Change logo and survey page color to match your brand.

Opening & Closing Remarks

Write your own opening and closing remarks for your survey.

Collect Feedback

On Site Survey Type

Survey to be filled by customers on location. Survey link is accessible to multiple customers.

Mail Survey Type

Survey to be sent directly to customers. Survey link is unique to one customer only.

Send by Email

Survey will be sent via email directly to your customers or to your company email to be further distributed.

Send by URL

Copy your survey link and distribute via chat, social media, or other channels.

Print QR Code

Print survey QR code for to be scanned by customers to get the survey.

Analyze Result

Real-time Analytics

See survey score and response instantly with insightful charts.

Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmark survey result between user, location, branch, or customer segments.

Individual Result & Action

See individual survey result and give response directly from the dashboard by sending an email.

Download Result

Export and download survey result for further analysis.

Start listening to your customers!

Extract valuable insights from them and identify areas for improvements

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